Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mommy and Allergies

Are you a mom suffering with spring time allergies? Well your not alone. Here is some information that might help relieve your watering eyes and stuffy noses.

Specific Medications
Allegra: There is no information regarding its transfer to the breast milk. Seladine is a similar medicine and studies have shown that only a small small amount is transferred to the breast milk.
Claritin: Author Claire Martin says,"About 0.02 percent of what the mother ingests is transferred to her milk, according to the limited research available. Claritin is used for children, so it is considered safe for breastfeeding mothers."
Nasal Spray: Most nasal sprays are safe for mothers that are nursing. Try to keep the use or dose of the sprays to a minium and it won't affect the breastmilk. Some contents in nasal sprays have been linked to birth impairments on the fetus, so don't use them while you are pregnant.
Other nasal sprays that are safe are: Nasacort and Flonase
Author Claire Martin states,"Nasal sprays are considered topical therapy, and the amount your system absorbs is fairly low."

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